Brolem Company, was founded in 2001 with the purpose to engage in foreign trade. We are currently leading packers and exporters of agricultural products specialized in quinoa, beans and corn , being our primary commitment to provide high quality products at competitive prices to the world market.

The solid position of our company allows us to have in stock of our main products throughout the year, we count for this with stores and own warehouses located in major production sites.

Our best presentation is the quality of our products, these, before starting the production process are fumigated, cleaned and selected by machine and go to our system of manual selection, with which guarantee the high quality of our product, carrying the whole process production, packaging and stored under strict sanitary measures for human consumption.

Our main products: white quinoa, red quinoa, black quinoa, organic quinoa, Chia, Kiwicha, castilla bean, palo bean, canary bean, panamito bean, caballero bean, butter beans, chickpeas, sarandaja, loctao, giant corn from Cusco, corn field , hominy corn, montaña corn.